Heddon Street Kitchen

My brother is a pilot (not based in the UK), so when he comes back to London we tend to eat out. This time, we wanted to celebrate my mother and my birthday, so we chose Heddon Street Kitchen as he's a big Gordon Ramsay fan and he hasn't been to this one yet.

I had been to this one previously with a mummy friend (and our kids) during half term, as kids eats free during holidays. Woo!

Nice start to the meal. Alcohol free cocktail for me.

Nice start to the meal. Alcohol free cocktail for me.

There was an expansive menu, but it all fit into A3. We dine Chinese style and shared a few plates of starters. We went for:

  • Soft Shell Crab Sliders
  • Scampi with tartar sauce
  • Ham & egg croquettes
  • Baked scallops, carrot puree, treacle cured bacon, celery cress, apple.

My favourite was the soft shell crab slider, so gorgeous. It was nice and crispy, and very moreish in the brioche bun. The scampi didn't have much scampi in it, but I think for the price you can't complain. Baked scallops were cooked perfectly in my opinion; my parents (owned a restaurant for over 20 years) were convinced that the scallops were from frozen due to the frm texture, but my brother and I are convinced that Gordon Ramsay restaurant wouldn't use frozen seafood. If anyone can care to enlighten us, that would be greatly appreciated. I know sashimi is often frozen to kill bacteria, not sure if it's the same thing with the scallops?

For the main course, my dad and grandad went for fish and chips. Very nice. Triple cooked chips. I remember the utter food envy I had when I saw someone else having the Beef wellington (to share, £75), so we had to order it. We ordered that along with the macaroni cheese, and it came with truffle mash.

beef wellington dianavonr diana von r heddon street kitchen

And finally. Actually, this was the reason why we came. The ice cream bar! It's a little girl's dream, and actually I was rather delighted by it too when I first went. They have a great variety of flavours - no strawberry though, although we convinced my 3 year old that the raspberry sorbet was strawberry ice cream. Clearly we need to work on her pallet. We also added an array of toppings - in fact, we just put it on the plate. She ended up mopping up her chips with the sprinkle. Parenting win moment. She slept through the meal though, so we just wanted her to eat.

ice cream bar heddon street kitchen dianavonr diana von r

 I forgot to mention. The big man came in! Gordon Ramsay came in - our jaws dropped. We just didn't expect him here as it's not the main one. We've seen Michel Roux Jnr at Le Gavroche a few times, but there's almost an expectation to see him as he is Le Chef Patron after all. Clare Smyth also came in for a bit, which made my jaw drop again (love female chefs). It looked like they were having a business meeting so we didn't interrupt. Gordon did say "hi" though (with our jaws still on the ground).


One final note. The toilets. They stank. On both visits. I do have quite a sensitive nose now I'm pregnant, but it's the constant spray of chemical air freshener and lack of fresh air that makes me want to gag. Yuck.