Supper Club - "Spiced" by Spice Deli (London)

This event was a big unknown for me - not only do I not eat spicy things, I have never been to a Supper Club before. Never the less, I was keen to try a new experience so I signed up for the event. 

How I found out about the event:

I saw this event advertised in the Hampstead Mums facebook group, and to my surprise I was actually free that evening (husband and daughter were abroad without me). What a great way to spend an evening, meeting new people and trying new food? I was a bit apprehensive about not knowing anyone there, and afraid everyone would be coupled up, but I also knew the Hampstead Mums Spring Fayre co-ordinator, who was also going to the event. The event cost £25 which I think is very reasonable for the amount of food we had and the experience. It was a BYOB event, but as I'm pregnant I didn't bring anything. On our table, I also met an American food/travel writer and French set designer. They were a lovely couple, although I did feel a bit like the small town girl as they had moved around a lot whilst I have only transitioned from slightly outside M25 in my childhood to moving into Central London then NW3.

The Food

The first course was a red lentil soup. I recoiled in horror as i saw chilli on the top (really,  I normally squeal if I bite into a bit if ground black pepper).  My fear was not well justified though; it tasted fragrant and there was a slight twinge of it being hot,  but I was surprisingly able to handle it (and enjoy it). We were also given okra chips which were amaaaazing. It had a hint of mango,  and I loved it. I almost finished the whole plate (which was portioned for 2). 

The main course was pork vindaloo. This,  too,  scared me when I looked through the menu. I'm no expert with curries,  but I had heard of the reputation of vindaloo. I made sure I had a big glass of water and positioned the yoghurt nearby. By all accounts,  it was a very spicy vindaloo and some of the other guests started sweating halfway through. Fortunately I knew my limitation,  so I scraped most of the sauce off (it was thick like gravy,  looked lovely) and dabbed a big spoonful of yoghurt on before each bite.

pork belly vindaloo dianavonr spice deli tabl

Even though I didn't have much of the sauce,  it was still possible to taste the tangy vinegar taste.  I must say,  I probably will try a vindaloo again. What I'm worried about is having ones from restaurants where they don't fully cook it down,  so the spices are still quite raw. Alongside the vindaloo,  we were served some yummy rice,  fresh bouncy bread buns and a vibrant carrot salad.

I was pretty stuffed at that point,  but there's always space for dessert. The presentation of the Strawberry pink peppercorn ice cream was very appetising,  with a strip of crushed pistachio on the side. Now I don't claim to have a very delicate palate,   

strawberry red peppercorn dianavonr spice deli tabl

The entire experience

I really enjoyed myself, and would have no qualms about signing up for another Spice Deli supper club. Kim and her husband were lovely, and came over to chat with us once we had finished the food. Kim also educated/entertained us by giving us a few pots of spices; we were encouraged to smell/touch them to guess what they were. The setting was very intimate, with two tables in their living room. We didn't get to mingle with the other table (they were a group of 4 anyway), but the ambiance for the evening was very comfortable.