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Diana Von R is a portrait photographer based in Hampstead London NW3. Diana is available for other types of photography too, and is happy to discuss your requirements.



Hello, my name is Diana Von R.

I am a photographer based in Hampstead London NW3.

I also work as a social media consultant, and was one of the first Digital Mums graduates. You can find my packages here.

You may know me as the person behind the Hampstead Mums group, or perhaps if you’re local you’ve “met” me on Instagram. This website has always been a reflection of the breadth of what I do, but since 2018 has focused increasingly on my expanding photography business.

#Knowme challenge

3 things that make you happy?

House plants. Tea and toast. Knitting.

Essentially, I’m a 30 year old grandma.

3 things that upset you

Peak time travel. Spicy food. Housework.

Favourite breakfast

Favourite weekday breakfast: 2 boiled eggs with soy sauce or kalles kaviar. During the weekends - add bacon.
On holiday: 3 courses from the breakfast buffet tables.

What would you do if you weren’t a photographer?

If I had followed on with my career trajectory sans kids I would probably be a CIMA qualified accountant by now. My passion really was in analysing data though, so in another life where I could be happy working in an office, I would probably have trained in data analytics or data engineering. I do love a good spreadsheet :)

How often do you travel?

I am lucky and get to visit Sweden and Finland a lot on family trips (several times a year). I am also lucky that I’m married to a Finn who really appreciates equal parenting, and my parents and in laws are around a lot to look after the kids. I went away to Cambodia/Thailand for 2 weeks when my eldest was 2 years old, and then to Indonesia for 20 days when I had 2 kids under 5…!

Random fact?

I ran down Tottenham Court Road dressed in a sumo wrestling suit… and I ran around the office wearing a giraffe outfit. You may surmise that I quite like dressing up in odd circumstances 😂 Ironically, I rarely bother with Halloween.

Who is your favourite writer in modern history?

Would have to be G.R.R.Martin (Game of Thrones) followed shortly by Diana Gabaldon (Outlander series). I love these fantasy worlds, with intricate character development and plot twists. I am often seen walking around the NW3 area with headphones in as I indulge in audio books during the day time.

Do you love animals, if yes then which one do you love most?

I have “a thing” for penguins and pandas. Maybe I just like black and white animals. On our wedding cake, we had a helter skelter cake with chocolate running down the slides with penguins at the top with a Chinese pagoda. Random. Made no sense. We all loved it though.

What is your greatest achievement in high school?

I received “Awards of Excellence” in both Mathematics and Economics at the end of A level year - my mathematics A level grade averaged 95% so it’s fair to say I was somewhat of a nerd. I was also voted “person most likely to take over the world”, which I’m also pretty proud of ;)

Where are you from?

Born and spent first 18 years in Buckinghamshire. Moved to London and after 2 misguided years ended up in NW3 and haven’t left since then.

But... where are you really from?

My parents came over from Hong Kong when they were children and I went to Cantonese school every Saturday for years. I can now order some food at Chinese restaurants…


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