What Others are Saying

Read clients’ feedback of Diana Von R to really see what kind of experience you are in for once you book a photography session with her.


I love working with and really getting to know my clients during their photo shoots. We often finish a session and it feels I have gotten to know them better than if we had sat down at a coffee shop for a natter. Here’s a selection of what some of my clients have had to say:


Elham M, June 2018

I have an amazing Photo shoot with Diana last week .
she is very professional and really sweet and I felt really comfortable and confident working with her 
Thank you so much


Maria D S, June 2018

Immensely grateful for working with Diana, even though I didn’t have much experience in modelling, posing for Her felt like the most natural and fun thing to do. Diana was able to capture not just the stunning handmade dress that I was promoting but especially the emotions, I was THE princess.

Massive thank you 


Alex V, January 2019

I had a wonderful photography session with Diana. She put me at ease and connected straight away with my vibe. She understood straight away what I was after. 

I would strongly recommend working with Diana if you want to develop your brand in a gracious and harmonious way.

This is Silk, Diana Von R Hampstead Photographer London

Sonal K, This is Silk. May 2018

Diana took photos of my products for my first ever business and she was amazing. She was excellent at figuring out the brief, showing initiative and put everyone including me at ease. She has an amazing rapport with people so if you are photographing yourself or other people she will bring out the best in you for the photos. The editing was turned around really quickly and she also resized for me. She also GETS social media so will bear this in mind when taking photos. For example - I had asked for photos for my website but she ensured I also had some for social media too.

Cat Davies Diana Von R Photographer London

Cat D, June 2018

Diana has an innate creative eye. Her ability to catch photos in the moment, to cover a million locations in one day, to get the shot and move on to the next one is not only brilliant, it's useful and cost-efficient. Book her!

Claire Williams Digital Mum Diana Von R Photographer

Clare W, May 2018

Diana took some photos for me- I loved the relaxed but professional finish but she was also really fun to work with!

Dress Me Couture, Diana Von R Photographer

Mitch H, Dress Me Couture. May 2018

Great experience, professional and beneficial for our business.


Lucy I, May 2018

Diana has taken photos for me on a couple of occasions and both times, I've loved working with her. She has a friendly and professional manner and takes great shots (in sometimes tricky situations). I'm extremely happy with the finished result.