Diana Von R is a Social Photographer - i.e. she specialises in photo shoots specifically for Social Media. During our photo shoot, let's talk about your Instagram strategy instead of the weather.

2 birds. 1 stone.

Diana is based in Hampstead London NW3. She is also the founder of the Hampstead Mums group, so if your target audience is affluent parents, she can help with that. She has also trained with Digital Mums and has experience managing business' social media accounts.


Welcome to my website! My name is Diana and I am a photographer based in Hampstead, London NW3.

I can help you with: commercial, events, boudoir and wedding photography.

Get in touch to discuss your photography requirements. I am extremely responsive over email


commercial folio

I work with businesses to pinpoint exactly what they want from their photos - the photo above was a "Vanity Fair" style shoot for a London Underground advert

personal branding folio

Showcase the personality behind the business with a personal branding photoshoot. Your instagram shouldn't just be full of selfies!

Photography blog

Find samples from my latest photo shoots, tips etc

Social Media Tips

With a focus on Instagram & Facebook Groups



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