TWEETCHATS for London Small Businesses

TWEETCHATS (aka Twitter Chats)

Tweetchats (aka Twitter Chats) are a great way of connecting with people. Depending on your type of business, it may make sense to connect with those locally. Personally I keep an eye on North London or London based tweetchats, as I'm in the right time zone and I want to connect with local businesses.

What is a TweetChat?

TweetChats occur at a predetermined time and you need to include a specific #hashtag to enter. For the ones listed below, the host of the TweetChat will retweet a load of tweets which will help your Twitter Analytics. More importantly, it will reach out to more of your potential customers, and other relevant people. It is also a great way to increase your followers, as presumably only active Twitter users will be using Tweetchats.

Don't forget to be sociable in the TweetChat. If the only thing you tweet is an advertisement about your business, it will probably fall quite flat. Be sociable. Talk to people, ask how they are, discuss the subject matter (if there is one), or just act like you would do when generally networking. 

Don't forget to be sociable on social media. Remember you need to use the #hashtag to participate in the chat. 

TweetChats for Small Businesses in London

#NorthLondonHour Monday 9-10pm

#BizGirlsHour Tuesday 8-9pm

#UKBusinessLunch Weekdays 12-1pm

#WomanInBiz #WineOClock Weekdays 6-7pm

#RushHourBiz Weekdays 6-7pm

#UKLateHour Weekdays 9-10pm

These are ones off the top of my head, and I will add more as I join more. Please do let me know of more TweetChats that would be relevant for Small Businesses in London. There are quite a few Women/Mumpreneur special ones