Posting to instagram from browser

Big news.

Instagram has now introduced the ability to post a photo directly from browser. This is not to be confused as saying you can post from desktop (as I said in an earlier version of this blog) This was introduced so people across the world with poor mobile Internet can still use Instagram, as they don't have to download the app. This means you can now post directly from your iPad, tablet, or... if you have one, a blackberry phone.

This is a feature many have been waiting for - I've heard of people using emulators as a work around but didn't dare do it as didn't want to violate Instagram t&c. If you want to find a workaround and post via your desktop, check out this blog post by PetaPixel.

I'm really excited that Instagram is allowing more people to post more freely - increasing the number of people on Instagram will help keep it dynamic and open up the demographics of the users.

instagram post browser