Quick update - Dec 16

Looking back through my blog, it looks relatively unloved. You may be forgiven by thinking its because I've got a newborn (actually he was born in July, so he's 5 months already). Really though, I was busy setting up a business. You see, back in May/June time (whilst i was in my second trimester), we had a brilliant business idea and we just bad to go with it.

I've spent the last half a year nursing both my business, Hampstead Life, and my baby. It's been quite tough, and I've recently stalled and now taking some time away from Hampstead Life. Luckily I have two brilliant business partners who are able to pick up the slack for me.

(Quick escalator pitch: Hampstead Life is a sister organisation to Hampstead Mums (5000 members on facebook); with Hampstead Life, we are looking to connect the community furthermore in an offline sense. 

As well as setting up a new company and looking after a baby, I have also been planning a major refurbishment to our home (no room left untouched). I'm sure you'll see some photos of that up on Instagram soon, once Camden Council approves of our planning application...