Selfish Mother Retreat - April 2016

For those of you not aware of who Molly Gunn, or Selfish Mother is, where have you been? She has raised over £100k for charity from the sale of her Mother Sweatshirts, released a top selling book and was even stocked in John Lewis in time for Mothers Day (and they committed to the £15 donation per item, which must have been hard to negotiate!)

When I saw that Selfish Mother had a Retreat, I just had to book it. It was perfect timing too, I'm at the beginning of my third trimester with my second child, and I want to get away and relax for a bit (without having to fly away somewhere). It's also tough to get away with friends, as we are at very different times in our lives.

The Retreat was fab. I really enjoyed the food, and loved meeting new faces. I went with my friend (who I met off Hampstead Mums) - she's not an instamum so it was interesting to see her perspective of proceedings (most/all of the other mums were there after seeing the retreat on Instagram). 

*this is where I baby brained*. I wrote a draft and didn't finish. Basically we had a super time. Brilliant food, company, had my down time. The building is a big modern B&B in a done up barn. Molly was lovely. Scummy Mummies (comedy act) were brilliant and we booked them for a Hampstead Mums comedy show).