Mums in the Wood 📷

On location shoot

On a crisp cold day, we met up at Burgh House to have a photo shoot. The client wanted photos on the website that was both friendly and professional. As it was so cold, but we didn't want photos with jackets on, we had to be quick..! (Note to self: next time bring some hand warmers or blankets for clients).

She wanted just a headshot of all the team members, and I suggested she have a few more of herself as she is effectively the face of the brand. Rajni was quite shy to begin with but after a while you can see she gets more relaxed.

Thanks for reading this quick post - just wanted to share some of the work I've been doing. I've set out with a niche but like all things, it's a process of trial and improvement through an iterative process. I'm enjoying working with small businesses as you can do professional shots but also lifestyle shots for social media.