[REVIEW] - Palladio Venezia Spa - Venice Italy.

We went to Venice (again) in June 2017 during the heat wave in London. It was hot in Venice, but at least we had the sea breeze to keep us cool. After 3 days of wandering around the beautiful city taking photos, our feet were sore and our bodies were tired. Our flight was at 11pm so we had an entire day to burn in Venice (we really wanted to maximise our trip).

However, we had become accustomed to several showers a day to cool down and freshen up. What were we to do between checkout time (midday) and the flight? We decided to end the trip with a spa visit.

After a quick google search and emailing around for availability, we opted for Palladio Venezia (operated by Hotel Bauer). It was in an area we are familiar with, Giudecca, (next to the world famous Hotel Cipriani) and easy to get to from San Marco. Just head to Hotel Bauer by San Marco and they have a private boat that goes there every 15 minutes or so. Alternatively you can hop on a Vaporetto (Route 2, Stop: Roudento).

Upon entry into Palladio Venezia, we were met by a member of staff from the spa. She guided us through the beautiful sixteenth century convent, which was designed by the greatest Renaissance architect, Andrea Palladio.

When we reached the spa, we were taken to their reception room. The reception room had a huge window which reached the floor - I noticed on the way in a beautiful mirror and realised now it was a mirror from the outside, and a window from the inside. I loved watching the boats and people walk by. We were given a form to fill out, and a beautiful tray of refreshments to parch our thirst.

palladio venezia spa lounge

My husband and I both opted for sports massages as we had very knotted shoulders. Probably from carrying the bubs around. Maybe from swinging kettle bells around. Anyway, our shoulders needed work. We were led into the largest room at the back which had a bath tub and shower there. Presumably that was available for the couples massage. The masseur was very responsive and worked through my body methodically. I was able to guide her to be slightly softer, and was so relaxed I fell asleep towards the end.

After the massage, we went to the steam room. With a Finnish husband, I have become very accustomed to heat in the sauna. The steam room was at a moderately high temperature with plenty of steam. A curved stone rock seat provided the perfect place to chill out in the steam room - do remember to rinse the seat before hand though, to cool it down and "just in case" for cleanliness (I have no doubt they do clean it between users though, as they cleaned up after us straight away). After alternating between several cold shower - steam room sessions, we were done. We were led back to the changing rooms and I got ready. 

As I hadn't really thought through the spa going process, I didn't bring my make up bag. Luckily, they had enough toiletries to get me through. Most importantly I needed face cream afterwards, which they had. It is possible that I used self tanning lotion instead of face lotion, but after the hot trip in Venice I couldn't really tell the difference.

After getting ready, we went back to the lounge for a nice drink and chilled out before the next set of customers came in. We then proceeded to have a look in the garden, which was really quite magical. We appreciate that space is a premium in Venice and gardens are rarely as big as theirs. We will certainly look at staying at this hotel when we next return to Venice.

I think we paid an additional 15E to be in the same room - our massages cost 150E each for 40 minutes. Although it seems expensive per minute, I think we really got our money's worth by using all the facilities and really relaxing at the Palladio.

Palladio Hotel & Spa
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